Update 4

And, after a week break, here's a new update. I think I just need to stop stressing out about the little details that nobody notices. I drew a few more character models last week, but couldn't get the story finished in time. Not too much plot-wise, but hope I can take it in an interesting direction. I'm going to try to reuse assets as much as I can (because I'm lazy and I don't want the game to get too big). Updated:

  1. Pregnant (Off the Rebecca branch)
  2. Not Your Card (Instead of changing clothes and hair)
  3. Flirty Add On (I view this as the main plot line; I'll try to add to it every update)
  4. Interesting Add On (Not much here, but I want to wrap it up soon)

Thanks once again to everyone who follows this and for being patient with me. 


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Sep 25, 2017

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