Update 4: And, after a week break, here's a new update. I think I just need to stop stressing out about the little details that nobody notices. I drew a few more character models last week, but couldn't get the story finished in time. Not too much plot-wise, but hope I can take it in an interesting direction. I'm going to try to reuse assets as much as I can (because I'm lazy and I don't want the game to get too big). Updated:

  1. Pregnant (Off the Rebecca branch)
  2. Not Your Card (Instead of changing clothes and hair)
  3. Flirty Add On (I view this as the main plot line; I'll try to add to it every update)
  4. Interesting Add On (Not much here, but I want to wrap it up soon)

Thanks once again to everyone who follows this and for being patient with me. 


Thanks for everybody who has donated. I'm going to be investing that money to possibly hiring other artists to make character models to make a better story.


Fun little project. Trying out making visual novels.

Open for user created branches wherever there are buttons. Here are the open branches so far:

  1. Testing the Limits
    1. Clothes and Hair
      1. Mall
        1. Flirty
          1. (Open)
        2. Interesting
      2. Beach
      3. (Open)
    2. (Open)
  2. Asking a Friend
    1. Cat-girl (in progress)
    2. Pregnant (in progress)
    3. Magical Girl (in progress)

Just comment below like this:

2. Ask a Friend

Summary: Gary suggests to bring over a mutual friend, Rebecca. Rebecca comes over, and they come over to see if the card works with her (it does). One the of the things they say is for Quin to get older. Quinn ages to around 30. They then accidentally say that Quinn looks like he/she is married.

The more detailed the better. I'll try to do 2-3 options for every branch. I might combine multiple suggestions into one.

Let me know if there are any issues.


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in the interesting segment have the guys that she turned into girls fall in love with her.

Could you make her taller instead of smaller? 

Could you add a fast forward option?

Try the skip button on the bottom right corner.

Chang Gary

Catherine grab the card and change gary to clone of her

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Asking a friend

I think a fun option for this route might be that after they hang out with Rebecca for a while Gary drops the card and they accidentally leave it at her place. She would then either pick it and thinks its Catherine's real ID and decides to return it later or it is accidentally dropped near here desk and she doesn't notice it.  Now you already mentioned that she is a comic artist so in order to get some more changes going to Catherine/Quinn you could have her be the kind of person who thinks out loud about what she is going to draw or you could have a friend of hers call her and ask what she's doing and then she would describe what she plans on drawing in her comic, heck if she's a professional you could really just have her editor call her. All of this of course results in seemingly random changes to Catherine/Quinn that he would have to find a way to deal with. I do feel that parts of this plot line are predictable though but I think the random changes could worth it depending on how much fun you have with it.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm planning something similar to what you suggested, other than leaving the card behind. I might do something like that in the future if I can think of a good plotline.

1)Testing the Limits

2) Revenge : Quinn grabs the card and finds that while he  can't change anything about himself he can change Gary. He changes Gary into a girl as well, and admits he has always had a thing for foreign girls.  Gary is changed, but then Quinn realizes he can't speak English.  Quinn is unsure if he can change Gary back. Maybe he can. Maybe he wants to keep Gary that way. Maybe the card is now written in a foreign language, and Quinn can only change him if he says it in that language. 


1. Clothes and Hair

2. Who are you. Gary tries changing aspects of Gary's life.  He first says that Quinn is a waitress and she changes into a uniform, and can only remember having that job, even though she knows it isn't true. Then Gary says that Quinn is rich, and his hair and makeup change to be more professional and well done. Quinn thinks shes a waitress because his dad took away her credit cards. Then Gary says that Quinn's his girlfriend. Quinn can't stop calling him pet names even though he hates it. 

Nice clean request. Thanks for the suggestions; I'll see what I can do.

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2. Stay as is.

Summary: Gary decides that she looks good as is. He says that he's never been on a date before and would like to try a fake one for the experience. He promises to transform her back afterwards whether or not the 'fake' date goes well.

Also, for the game, the text seems a bit slow  and when there will be multiple branching paths, it will take forever to get through the entire story. I don't know if there is a way to quickly skip text, but if there isn't, then perhaps that can be added in some way.

I'm already considering writing a similar branch; I'll try to incorporate more to match your suggestion.

As for the slow text, I'll look into it. I did notice it as well (I've got through it many times). I think there is a function to make the text go faster. Also, I'm planning on having a "Go to . . ." button at the start to skip ahead to the desired branch. 

Thanks for the feedback.